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FRIDAY April 22, 2022 

14:15 – 15:45 @ Club Cverna

Film Screening: Going Circular

The film Going Circular dares to imagine a future where humankind not only survives, but flourishes, by rethinking global paradigms and respecting the limits of our planetary resources.

Meet four groundbreaking thinkers who navigate environmental, economic, and social crises of the modern age. They each discover that solutions for the circular economy and our planet have already been perfected in nature itself.

An Off the Fence production for Curiosity Studios in co-production with ZDF Enterprises, ZDF and Arte. Executive Producers Robert-Jan van-Ogtrop, Thomas Anthony and Allison Bean. Produced by Ellen Windemuth and Sam Barton- Humphreys, Directed By Nigel Walk and Richard Dale.

16:00 – 17:00 @ Club Cverna

Keynote Interview: Robert Meijerink in conversation with Gordon Masson

Host: Gordon Masson (IQ, UK)

Speaker: Robert Meijerink (ESNS, NL)

“The man behind the scenes”, one of the biggest fans of new music out there, Robert Meijerink is the key figure on Dutch music scene. One could also say a European independent music scene. As the head of programme of ESNS (Eurosonic Noorderslag), the key exchange and network platform for European Music in Groningen, the Netherlands, he books more than 350 emerging acts from Europe annually. Selling out each year, ESNS attracts over 4,000 delegates, including more than 400 international festivals and venues. Besides his work for ESNS, Robert is also a booker at Doornroosje, a renowned venue in Nijmegen and books various festivals such as the Valkhof Festival.

17:00 – 18:00 @ Bar

Meet the Czechs – SoundCzech Reception

Grab some tasty snacks just before the Friday concerts kick off and get connected with Czech music professionals and amazing Czech artists!

SATURDAY April 23, 2022 

10:30 – 11:30 @ Kabinet

Speed-meeting: Meet The Slovenes

*For registered only: please sign up here

Meet ten music professionals from Slovenia in a 5-minute one on one speed-meeting session. We are happy to welcome an exclusive mixture of Slovenian music pros: venue bookers, agents, record label & festival representatives, journalists and artists! Discover what they do, tell them about your project, make initial contact and take the first step for future cooperation!  

Participating organizations / companies: MENT Ljubljana, Gala Hala, Kino Šiška, Channel Zero, Moonlee Records, Festival Tresk, Radio Študent, Music Slovenia, Sahareya, Freekind and more…

11:00 – 12:00 @ Club Cverna

Climate Crisis Support Group

Host: Zuzana Duchová (Festival NASUTI / Creative Europe Desk, SK)

Speakers: Kristína Serafin (Živica / Čierna Labuť, SK), Mauricio Lizarazo Prada (Pachamama Culture, DE), Vladimír Šucha (Head of the European Commission Representation in Slovakia)

Join the debate! Almost everyone is gradually getting used to climate change as a fact of life. However, we react differently. Apparently, no previous generation has had to deal with such a close and serious threat to the whole of humanity. How do we perceive climate change as individuals, what impact does its constant presence have on our soul and on our actions? Ignoring, denying or at least downplaying the problem seems to be the most common method of coping with the new reality. How shall we communicate ecological themes at music events? How to work with denial and its other extreme – environmental anxiety?

12:00 – 13:00 @ Kooperativa Stage

Listening Session: Artists at SHARPE 2022

Host: Viera Ráczová (Radio_FM, SK)

Speakers: Jaša Bužinel (The Quietus / MENT Ljubljana, SI), Richard Foster (Worm/Louder Than War, NL/UK), Jimi Arundell (FMS Magazine, UK)

What do the international journalists, agents and festival bookers think of the recordings by the artists playing at SHARPE? Hear their opinions, constructive criticism or words of praise on the 10 songs by selected artists performing at this year’s edition and don’t forget to catch them live in concert at night!

13:00 – 14:00 @ Club Cverna

Let’s Festival Again!

Host: Andraž Kajzer (MENT Ljubljana, SI)

Speakers: Sara Maria Kordek (Salt Wave Festival, PL), Robert Meijerink (ESNS, NL), Björn Kagel (Immergut Festival, DE)

It is April, the weather is nicer and it looks like we have a beautiful summer with festivals in full force going ahead finally. But how have the festival promoters adapted to the next season for (maybe) not going ahead for one or two years? How are the festival organizers approaching booking this summer? What are the reactions of artists and booking agencies? What has changed over the last two years? And most importantly – what keeps the organizers still going? Let’s find out what the current state of festivals is and what the latest challenges to face are.

14:00 – 15:00 @ Library

It’s all fun and games, until it’s not

Host: Alex Čerevka (Slnko Records, SK)

Speakers: Brenda Dobrovicsová (Rock For People, CZ/SK), Martina Kotláriková (Nu:Dance Fest / Kunsthalle Bratislava, SK), Matúš Bakyta (psychologist, SK)

There’s no doubt that working in the music business might be quite challenging, in many ways. But we love what we do, don’t we? There are times, though, when things can get pretty serious and what once was fun, is not fun at all anymore. In this panel, we will look at the importance of communication, of keeping your mind and heart healthy and well, and of being able to reach out for help in time.

14:00 – 15:00 @ Kabinet

Workshop: DIY Promo – Getting your album heard with no team and no budget

*For registered only, please sign up here

Lecturer: James Thornhill (Proxy Music, UK)

There is more music being released than ever before and there are more music marketing “services”, tools and techniques as well. Can a DIY artist with no team and no budget compete and be heard? This participatory 1-hour workshop will discuss the opportunities and obstacles to get your album release heard, with examples and a suggested timeline for promotional activity. We will touch on media coverage, streaming and community building, highlighting the myths, the scams and what works.

This is a workshop and not a lecture, meaning, participants will be asked to join the conversation and discuss their situation in promoting their releases.

15:00 – 16:00 @ Club Cverna

When the guns roar, should muses be silent?

Host: Codruta Vulcu (ARTmania, RO)

Speakers: Tetyana Filevska (Ukrainian Institute, UA), Kateryna Eremenko (Artists, UA), Vlad Yaremchuk (Atlas Festival, UA)

After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the local music promoters organized an international music marathon, which was seen by 80 million people. Music venues and clubs became humanitarian centers, artists signed up as volunteers or even soldiers. Vlad Yaremchuk from the Atlas Festival in Ukraine, Anastasiya Vaganova, the programme director at Caribbean Club in Kyiv, Tetyana Filevska, the creative director of Ukrainian Institute and Codruta Vulcu, the director of ARTmania festival in Romania will talk about why we cannot and will not remain silent.

16:00 – 17:00 @ Library

How to make money from…wait a minute… Music?

Host: Koen ter Heegde (Subroutine Records / Yugofuturism, NL)

Speakers: Tomáš Mikš (SOZA, SK), Luca Grasso (Beat Machine Records, IT), Alex Čerevka (Slnko Records, SK) 

With concerts and practically the whole live sector being stopped for almost two years because of the global pandemic and the restrictions that followed, artists and labels have had to look for sources of income once again somewhere else. The online world was right there in front of us, ready for us to find new opportunities, new ideas and new ways to make money. So what are the other ways to make money from music? Streaming, special online concerts or in-game concerts, working with brands, NFTs or original merchandise made by artists? And what is the role of collective rights societies when it comes to digital monetization?

17:00 – 18:00 @ Bar

Slovenian moMENTs Reception

From Slovenia to Slovakia with music! We’re happy to have our favorite Slovenes to host the first ever Slovenian moMENTs reception at the festival. Join us at the bar for some tasty Bevog beer & snacks!


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