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26th April 2024 FRIDAY

Backstage Conference 

(in Slovak)

Vývoj cenotvorby v rôznych eventových segmentoch

09:00 – 10:00 @ Club Cverna
Speakers: Lukáš Jozefík (, SK), Tibor Engler (DRYEYE Film s.r.o., SK), Jakub Tuma (Ženy Víno Funk guestival, SK), Igor Schlesinger (AS Trenčín)

Marketing v eventovom sektore: Spoznajte svoju cieľovú skupinu

11:00 – 12:00 @ Club Cverna
Speakers: Filip Jančík (artist, SK) Lívia Poštrk (, SK), Ela Krchnavá (Grape Festival, SK), Michal Šišovský (, SK)

Student Forum 

(closed sessions in Slovak)

Ani tón bez SOZA

11:00 – 12:00 @ Library
Speakers: Tomáš Mikš (SOZA, SK), Marián Jankovič (SOZA, SK)

Workshop: How to book a tour?! Things to think of before you hit the road.

13:00 – 14:00 @ Library
Lecturer: Koen ter Heegde (Subroutine Records / Yugofuturism, NL)


Ukraine: Music Ambassadors Tour 2.0

15:00 – 16:00 @ Club Cverna
Host: Oliver Rehák (Denník N, SK)
Speakers: Mariana Mokrynska (Music Saves UA, USA), Michal Berezňák (SHARPE festival, SK), Michal Kaščák (Pohoda Festival, SK), Vlad Yaremchuk (Music Saves UA, UA)

In January, the non-profit humanitarian initiative Music Saves UA and the largest festival in Slovakia, Pohoda Festival, held a charity cultural event “Pohoda loves Ukraine” in Kyiv, which consisted of panels and performances by Ukrainian and Slovak artists. Last month, 12 guests from 11 European countries together with our Ukrainian friends experienced 5 emotional days full of hugs, tears, support and motivation to strengthen support for Ukraine in the international arena. Let’s reflect on the Music Ambassadors Tour, learn more about the current state of the Ukrainian music and art scene, get to know the active youth, artists and promoters in Ukraine, how music can make a real difference in this world and how you can be a part of that.


Keynote Interview: Kevin Cole in conversation with Katia Giampaolo

16:30 – 17:30 @ Club Cverna
Host: Katia Giampaolo (Estragon / JoyCut, IT)
Speaker: Kevin Cole (KEXP, USA)

Kevin Cole hosts KEXP’s popular afternoon Drive Time show, and for 18 years, he has served as KEXP’s Programming Director/Chief Content Officer, fueled the independent station’s growth into a global music hub. Under Kevin’s lead, KEXP has evolved from a Seattle-based radio station to a globally revered nonprofit arts organization dedicated to enriching lives by championing and discovering music. During the ‘80s Kevin was a resident DJ at the First Avenue/7th Street Entry nightclub and had the honor of DJing for Prince at many of his private parties. As Kevin says: “I strive to surprise, delight, educate, and enlighten, juxtaposing seemingly incongruous styles in a way that creates context, meaning, or a good laugh. No genre or style is off limits. I aim to bring people together through the power of music, building community, not walls! A vibrant community of music lovers!” Let’s dive into this inspirational talk with Kevin in an interview done by none other than the lovely Katia Giampaolo, the director of Bologna’s famous Estragon Club and Botanique festival.


27th April 2024 SATURDAY

Forever Young

11:00 – 12:00 @ Library
Host: Ružica Petrova (MENT Ljubljana / Radio Študent, SI)
Speakers: Daniel Vadas (T3 – Kultúrny prostriedok, SK), David Čajčík (Heartnoize Promotion, CZ), Márk Bóna (Sziget Festival, HU)

The festival audience is getting older. The organizational team is getting older. Well, it is not always the case! Would you like to know how to create a diverse and inclusive programming to resonate within younger audiences? Or how to attract youth to join your team and strengthen your organization with fresh ideas brought by younger team members? Join us for an insightful panel discussion as we delve into the dynamic realm of working with young people in the music industry. Our panelists will explore multifaceted approaches to engage younger audiences, enhance concert and festival attendance, and reinforce organizational teams with youthful energy. 


Exploring Vegetarian Gastronomy at Music Festivals

12:00 – 13:00 @ Club Cverna
Host: Marián Tesák (Flaam Festival, SK)
Speakers: Valentína Hučková (activist educator, SK), Christian Sepp (Immergut festival, DE), Martin Smrek (Vegánske hody, SK)

In today’s world, where environmental sustainability is paramount, music festivals serve as influential platforms for fostering awareness and change. This panel focuses on the pivotal role of gastronomy, particularly vegetarianism, in reducing the environmental footprint of festivals. Let’s explore the symbiotic relationship between food choices and ecological impact, shedding light on the benefits of adopting vegan and vegetarian practices. With insights from local and international perspectives, attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of how dietary choices intersect with environmental conservation efforts. This panel should serve as a catalyst for meaningful dialogue and collective action, empowering festival-goers to make informed choices that contribute to a greener, more sustainable future.


Listening Session: Artists at SHARPE 2024

13:00 – 14:00 @ Park de Palma
Host: Viera Ráczová (Rádio_FM, SK)
Speakers: Ivone Lesan (Primavera Sound, ES), Kevin Cole (KEXP, USA) James Thornhill (Under The Radar, UK)

What do international journalists, agents and festival bookers think of the recordings by artists playing at SHARPE? Hear their opinions, constructive criticism or words of praise on the 10 songs by selected artists performing at this year’s edition and don’t forget to catch them live in concert at night!


Keynote Interview: Michail Stangl in conversation with Paula Poštolková and Matwe Kaščák of SPFM

13:00 – 14:00 @ Library
Hosts: Paula Poštolková & Matwe Kaščák (SPFM, SK)
Speaker: Michail Stangl (Opium Hum, DE)

For more than a decade, Michail Stangl has been a driving force in the global underground music scene, blending avant-garde, pop, and underground culture into a mesmerizing mix. As one of Boiler Room’s pioneering curators and faces, he has played a pivotal role in its meteoric rise to become the premier underground music platform worldwide. Beyond Boiler Room, Stangl’s influence extends to the prestigious CTM Festival, a groundbreaking event for experimental club music, where he serves as a curator. He also orchestrates cutting-edge events at the iconic Berghain club, alongside his international DJ tours as Opium Hum, captivating audiences with his dynamic performances. Recently, Stangl ventured into Zora, an open-source ecosystem exploring NFT and Web3 infrastructure, championing new models of agency and empowerment for creative communities. 


The Freedom Panel 2.0

14:00 – 15:00 @ Club Cverna
Host: Oliver Rehák (Denník N, SK)
Speakers: Ana Marjanidze (Bassiani Representative on Safe Space and Equality matters, GE), Michal Hajduk (IAM, PL), Michal Kaščák (Pohoda festival, SK)

In the backdrop of a recent political shift in Slovakia, where not just the landscape of freedom in arts and culture is under threat, we would like to discuss the importance of speaking up, getting organized and being active. What are the ways how we can fight back, when the political parties are trying to destroy the democracy in our country (countries)? What is the role of the artist and what is the role of the cultural workers? Can artists even be apolitical in such turbulent times? Throughout history, music has accompanied great political and social changes, can it initiate such changes or is it just rock’n’roll?


Account Balance vs Lineup Balance

15:00 – 16:00 @ Library
Host: Elise Phamgia (Liveurope, BE)
Speakers: Barbora Bodnárová (Pohoda Festival, SK), Márk Bóna (Sziget festival, HU)

It is 2024 and the production expenses and headliner fees gained another astronomical heights. Together with inflation and the high demands from the festival-goers, the situation is getting rather difficult for smaller and independent festivals. As the cost of securing top performers continues to rise, festival organizers face the challenge of maintaining financial viability while meeting audience expectations. Do bigger festivals cause market distortion when they prioritize high-profile acts regardless of economic viability? Is there enough funds for medium and smaller acts? In this panel we will discuss how to navigate the intricate dynamics between escalating headliner fees and limited festival budgets. In addition, we will look at different approaches, like effective lineup curation strategies that can maximize artistic diversity while staying within budgetary constraints, fostering a more balanced and sustainable festival ecosystem.


Safe Spaces: A Pathway To Inclusivity

16:00 – 17:00 @ Club Cverna
Host: Aïda Camprubi (BAM Festival, ES)
Speakers: মm. (Spice Mixers / Karkhana Collective, AT/BD), Ana Marjanidze (Bassiani Representative on Safe Space and Equality matters, GE), Ivana Sujová (Fest Anča, SK)

In this panel, we dive into the critical topic of creating safe spaces and promoting inclusivity at music events, both in clubs as well as festivals. Our panelists will explore strategies to achieve this goal, address the challenges encountered, and identify key issues organizers must tackle to provide a safe environment for their visitors. The discussion will also explore methods to ensure a safe working environment for employees and staff alike, as well as provide insights on how to respond effectively to unacceptable or dangerous behavior witnessed at these events. This panel discussion aims to not only raise awareness of the importance of safe spaces and inclusivity within the music industry but also to equip organizers and stakeholders with practical insights to effect positive change. It is our mission to create environments where everyone feels welcome, respected, and able to fully enjoy themselves and the power of music.


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