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SHARPE music festival & conference combines public performances of promising Slovak and international artists of various genres with a conference, where the music professionals from all over Europe meet, learn from each other and discuss the latest topics from the music industry in panels, workshops, presentations, and networking sessions.

“At Sharpe, we could feel the passion in every little aspect. The creative energy that is hosted within the walls of Nová Cvernovka and the energy and passion of people behind the event, literally made the air vibrate.” We intentionally pick and mention this particular reaction of the Luxembourg Radio 100.7 from the first year’s edition, because we believe that it is an appropriate reflection of our mission.

We seek for the highest quality and diversity when putting together the festival program, showcasing dreamy indie, heavy doom-sludge, jazz and world music influences, electronic minimalism or avant-garde and experimental music. Besides music, we aim to create a platform for education and networking, stimulate cooperation, export and growth of the Slovak independent scene and increase the international circulation of music repertoire.


“Sharpe showed the tremendous talent that exists not just in this country, but the surrounding area, from urgent punk to blissed out ambient. Finally, they know how to organise.” 

Derek Robertson, Louder Than War, (UK)

“Wonderfully curated and respectfully managed in these strange times, being in attendance at Sharpe was, at times, enough to bring a tear to the eye. In these circumstances, it may not have mattered whether the music was any good or not, but thankfully it lived up to the magnitude of the occasion.”

James Thornhill, Under The Radar, (UK)

“But standing in the repurposed old school building in Bratislava, Slovakia that Sharpe festival calls its home, the amplified sounds that emanated from the stage, the energetic performers giving it their all, the noise, the heat, the sweat, the emotion, everything comes flooding back. Live music is connection, it is community, it is freedom.”

James Thornhill, Under The Radar, (UK)

“Thank you so much for everything It was such an honour to be invited and I felt very lucky to be there. Such an impressive festival, perfectly organised to such a high standard”.

Tom Travis, Rough Trade (UK)

“It was huge what you have made that weekend. Congrats for the great job! Best acts at the showcase were Slovak. Once again, congrats, without you there wouldn’t be the universe!”

Michal Hajduk, Adam Miczkiewitz Institu (PL)

“Thank you and the Sharpe-Team for an amazing weekend in Bratislava and for inviting me to it. I had such a good time and thought it was such an inspiring festival.”

Anne Haffmans, Head of Domino Germany (DE)

“All our friends from Central Europe in one place. I have enjoyed every second of it. It already gave me a lot of new ideas and energy, which was lacking for months.

Koen ter Heegde, Yugofuturism (NL)

“Wupwup hands up for Sharpe! We had a blast.”

Dominika Maša Kozar, Ment (SI)

“I have had such a great time and felt really welcome. Hadn’t seen shows in a packed venue for such a long time so it was really great to have that again!”

Eva Van Netten, Welcome To The Village (NL)


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