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Immergut Festival, DE

Since 2009 Björn works at immergutrocken e.V., the NPO behind the Immergut Festival and is now the chairman of the organization. He’s responsible for the Booking, Management, Strategic Management, Sponsoring sector. The Immergut Festival was founded in 2000, takes place every year in Neustrelitz (Germany) in late May and has been sold out repeatedly for over ten years (cap. 5.000). Keeping the feeling of “we-are-in-this-together” alive, we avoided pumping up the Immergut into another “festival monster”, in which you have to look for the stage on a map. 

Besides this Björn studied Business Administration (B.A.) and Nonprofit Management (M.A.) in Berlin, Budapest and Lucerne and worked at Initiative Musik, the German Music Export Office as well as the transmediale festival for art & digital culture.

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