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Rock For People, CZ

Brenda is a creative booker for Rock for People, one of the major open-air music festivals in the Czech Republic, where she curates festival entertainment and art programming. RFP will take place on 15.-18. June 2022 headlining Green Day, Fall Out Boy, Royal Blood, and Biffy Clyro. Her experience extends to location assistant at film sets of series and commercials or an executive reinforcement of upcoming shows such as The Smile or Arctic Monkeys for Charmenko.

Besides her work in the music industry, she graduated from health and social psychology and is currently improving her skills through systemic family therapy training. She chose this approach for its unique balance that focuses not only on the individual but also on home settings and team-based work environments, allowing her to address the need for mental health guidance in the music industry. And of course, to better grasp why we are going cuckoo sometimes in this biz…

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