From charming nordic folk, through multiple faces of pop to audio-visual multimedia performances, SHARPE music festival and conference announces the third wave of new acts! With more than half of the line-up now uncovered, SHARPE festival will welcome multiple female-lead bands and several world premieres of unique shows, truly showcasing all the genres out there!

Amongst the first of the newly revealed names is Danish singer Marí, with her gentle, acoustic as well as folk-rock songs in which she combines melancholy with playfulness. Also performing their folk-inspired melodies is a Finnish duo of two trained jazz drummers, Lake Jons. Lake Jons offer a harshness of folk-ish disposition entwined with catchy hooks and well-crafted tunes, all enriched by intriguing guitar melodies, triple harmonies and mystic sounds of the north. First time performing in Slovakia will be the Irish singer, producer and a songwriter Æ Mak with her eerie art-pop songs. She will perform with her full band that has already captured the attention of KEXP or Icelandic Airways. 

Drawing from his experiences and transforming them into a music canvas based on guitars and personal lyrics is Gregory Wessely aka Greyshadow from Austria. His songs can start off with a sense of light-heartedness, even giddiness but the sorrow is not far behind as the melancholy seeps through. He stands out with individuality, confirmed by his singles being played in radios across Europe (for example BBC, EGO FM, MDR).  

Another performer building on personal topics is an immersing artist of mixed cultural origin, singing both in French as well as in Creole, constantly willing to learn, listen, ask and broaden his horizons – Ariel Tintar. Previously known as Ariel Ariel, he now uses his true name, in a gesture that is far from trivial, from an artist who used the last few years to get back to basics, to seek the essential: his innermost identity. His music can be described as incandescent, soaring, poetic and passionate.

Coming from Czech Republic is like a tsunami the biggest current Czech star on the electronic scene Toyota Vangelis who just released his debut album “Výklopné světloměty”. Get ready for a special show with a list of other artists featured on his debut album, joining him on stage at SHARPE festival in a unique set. Amongst the artists featured on Toyota Vangelis’ debut album is a Slovenian “gen-z icon” Zevin, a young producer who started making an impact with her first release Kroz Okean when she was 16. Zevin is thriving and expressing herself through various music genres from house to trap, enriched by her vocals. She is the director, scenographer and overall creative director of all her videos and shows. 

After singing as a vocalist for multiple years and then slowly releasing her own music on her Birthday, another new name in SHARPE line up is the Slovak singer Laura Weng. She will be performing her new debut album Aura in a special set with a full band to present her innovative and catchy pop, combining live instruments and electronics for the first time on stage.

True to the meaning of a performance, the Slovak musician and composer Lukáš Bulko, creating under the name Alapastel, will bring together his meticulously crafted experimental and electronic compositions, influenced by shamanistic Amazonian traditions. He will be joined on stage by the violinist Ján Kružliak jr. and Kristína Kluvánek (dancing, vocals, fujara).

This year the shows at SHARPE festival are not only about the music! We are extremely excited to welcome two audio-visual projects XCES and Boris Vitázek in this year’s line-up. Both acts are blending the artificial with the natural. The post-industrial/metal/electronic collective XCES are reflecting on the current struggles, information overload, social alienation or mental health, in their lyrics. Those are mostly generated by the GPT-2 model and sung by the main vocalist as well as his digital clone and voice assistant, Siri.

Boris Vitázek is a multi-talented visual artist, scenographer, sound designer for theatre productions, video mapper as well as a game designer. Most importantly, he is also a DJ and a creative coder. Working closely with production softwares (namely Vvvv, Unity Blender or Reactor) transforming data and composing “digital architectures from small intimate spaces to massive installations”.

SHARPE music festival and conference is taking place in less than two months, April 20-22, 2023 at the cultural centre Nova Cvernovka in Bratislava, Slovakia. The 5th edition of the festival is focused on young and emerging artists from all around Europe and beyond. Last names as well as the complete conference programme will be revealed at the end of March. Stay tuned, it will be sharp!

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