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Lake Jons are a Finnish duo formed in 2014, comprised by Jooel Jons and Mikko Pennanen, both trained jazz drummers, who walk a fine line between being a producer-tandem and full-on band. Lake Jons offer harshness of folk-ish disposition entwined with catchy hooks and well-crafted tunes, all enriched by intriguing guitar melodies, triple harmonies and mystic sounds of the north. Lyrically, they catch up on themes of introspection, existentialism, relationships, stillness of being and their live shows are deeply atmospheric. In 2018 they released the first full-length album, ‘Lake Jons’, persisting “life will go on” motif. All album tracks were written and recorded in the isolation of forest cabin in Finland. Year after that, the second album, ‘The Coast’ came out, thematically endeavoring to connect with the city life as an opposition to the previous one. Third album is upcoming on 26th May on AntiFragile Music, in which the band aims to reconnect with nature while observing the emotional waves in life.


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