Dear friends and fans, 


It is with a heavy heart that we have to announce the Sharpe festival and conference won’t be going ahead this year. It was a hard and painful decision to make, but according to the new restrictions and regulations by the Public Health Authority of the Slovak Republic that will enter into force from 1st September we are not able to hold the event. At the moment, the future of the festival is uncertain.


As you might know we really wanted to make SHARPE happen despite the difficult situation that we are all in. Not because of our egos or unfulfilled ambitions, but because of our aim to connect and help the music scene. Even though it is impossible to please everyone, from the very beginning we have been trying to create a diverse program of various genres with new, more or less known artists from Slovakia and abroad.


Our main goal was to give the concert an added value – the opportunity for young musicians and their representatives to educate themselves, meet inspirational people, international journalists, bookers, managers and push their career forward. Despite all the insane comments in the discussions, social media and elsewhere, we are still convinced that being a musician, artist or other “worker” in the music industry and creative sector in general is an equal, valid and respected profession.


At Sharpe we also aspired to create a space where everyone involved is feeling good – the artists, the audience and everyone who is working at the festival site: bookers, production managers, technicians, sound and lights engineers, photographers, graphic designers, stage-hands, security staff, health workers and bartenders. We are not trying to take the position of a large employer, but we always wanted to provide jobs to many talented and skilled people, professionals, who work in the music industry in Slovakia. They are working hard on the frontline, even though the eye of an ordinary visitor cannot see them as they are the black t-shirts behind the scenes.


We would like to wrap this up with some optimistic words, but it is probably fair to say that at the moment we cannot guarantee there will be SHARPE 2021. We will work very hard if not even harder to make it happen. And we will definitely love to see you in the future, we hope it will be next year, we are all determined to make it happen, as usually, on the last weekend of April.


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Please, be well, stay safe and all the best! We will be in touch…




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