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Formed in 2010 at Zagreb’s AKC Medika squat, ŽEN has risen as a prominent indie rock band. Their debut and sophomore albums established them in the ex-YU region, with subsequent releases under Moonlee Records further solidifying their presence. They’ve graced major European festivals and clubs, showcasing their diverse sound blending post-rock, shoegaze, and more.

Their upcoming album, “Ciklus,” set for release in May 2024, promises another exploration of their complex indie-rock style. ŽEN challenges gender norms, merging audio and visual artistry, creating immersive experiences. With singles like “Uroni u san” and “NEDAMISE,” they tease a unique sonic journey. Their music has been featured in regional movies and TV series, reflecting their expanding influence.

ŽEN’s genre-defying approach incorporates elements from post-rock to experimental electronics, captivating audiences with their eclectic soundscapes. Critics and fans praise their dynamic performances, drawing comparisons to iconic bands like Spacemen 3 and My Bloody Valentine. As they prepare for their fourth studio album, ŽEN’s innovative spirit continues to push boundaries, making them a force in the indie rock scene.

Playing on: tba

Web: https://www.moonleerecords.com/artists/zen
Bandcamp: https://xzen.bandcamp.com/

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