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Known for their original instrumental music, Trilobeat effortlessly navigate between genres, drawing the attention of prog-rock, nu-jazz, alternative, and classical music enthusiasts alike. In spring 2022, they released their latest album, “Zánikový horizont,” under the label Hevhetia. The album, a collaboration with both domestic and foreign talents, features pianist Adam Holzman and guitar virtuoso David Kollar among others, enriching the compositions with their expertise.

Named after the black ash line symbolizing the end of a civilization layer in archaeological excavations, “Zánikový horizont” explores themes of the climate crisis and the destiny of civilization across nine tracks. From melancholic piano ballads to hard rock riffs and experimental ambient passages, the album offers a captivating musical journey.

Trilobeat’s lineup includes Jakub Mikula on piano, Katarína Mikulová on flute and vocals, Jakub Čulík on electric guitar, Oliver Kucharovič on bass, and Marek Sasko on drums. Their performances, including those at festivals like Citysounds and Pohoda on the Ground, have been praised for their diverse and engaging repertoire, appealing to lovers of original instrumental music.

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