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Meet the enigmatic masked trio, whose latest work intensifies their distinct sound and live performances. T’ien Lai is a Polish experimental dance group, inspired by club rhythms from Uganda, Portugal, Brazil, Angola, and South Africa, they craft a mesmerizing world uniting East and West, North and South.

Beginning as an analog electronic duo featuring Jakub Ziołek and Łukasz Jędrzejczak, they crafted their distinct sound by manipulating old Polish radios Śnieżka. Their early phase was captured in the 2013 album “Da’at” (Monotype Records). Over time, they embraced non-occidental rhythms, transitioning toward a more sample- and groove-based sound. This musical evolution culminated in the 2015 release of “Rhythm” (Monotype Records). Their live performances became a fusion of tribalistic industrial techno, intertwining aggressive electronics and live percussion.

T’ien Lai, now comprising three members (Jędrzejczak, Ziołek, Qba Janicki), has garnered acclaim at renowned festivals like CTM (Berlin), Unsound (Cracow), Mutek (Montreal), Luminato (Toronto), Rocolectiv (Bucharest), and Phono (Odense).

In case you wondered about the band’s name, it is inspired by the fictional cigarettes in “The Man in the High Castle” TV series, translating from Japanese as ‘heavenly music.’ Come and embrace T’ien Lai’s sonic alchemy at the SHARPE music festival & conference in 2024.”


Playing on: tba

bandcamp tienlai.bandcamp.com

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