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The Cincinnati-based band innovates Midwestern punk in the US, blending synth punk, krautrock, icy psych, and mechanized gothic lo-fi. The Drin crafts obscure, menacing post-punk that evokes mental projections.

Their Ohio-based six-piece band juxtaposes ambient gloom with bursts of in-the-red guitars and thunderous snares, akin to glimpsing a shadowy figure through trees. With a steady stream of releases in recent years, The Drin has deepened its world, confidently portraying rock as occult shadow play. The album “Today My Friend You Drunk the Venom” marks a slight course correction, employing depth and shading to accentuate their ominous statement.

Their third album expands upon previous work, maintaining exploratory momentum while forging a surreal, otherworldly dimension. It showcases varied song structures, from pure punk to spacious Morricone-tinged tracks. Comparisons to Joy Division, Sonic Youth, and Butthole Surfers underscore The Drin’s unique blend of post-punk, stripping down and expanding punk ethos into danceable new directions.

“Today My Friend You Drunk the Venom” is an album of cast shadows and lurking menace. It’s catchy enough to draw you into its dark center and disarming enough to make you question everything you hear.” – Pitchfork

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