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Contemporary project led by Liam Noonan, who is a multidisciplinary artist exploring the dynamics between machines and human interaction. SWARMM’s practice encompasses music and interactive digital media, blending original 3D-modeled films and machine-learning aesthetics with immersive sound design and live violin performances.

Co-founder of LAMINAR FLOW, an experimental club-focused label, his work extends to international tours, providing visuals for artists like Danny L Harle and Yeule.  His music creates intricate emotional vortexes, pushing the boundaries of contemporary electronic sounds.

The projects bridges the gap between club aesthetics and gallery installations, offering immersive experiences that challenge traditional boundaries. With a focus on experimental club and dystopian sounds, LAMINAR FLOW represents SWARMM’s commitment to multimedia exploration. Through his work, Noonan pushes the limits of both digital artistry and sonic innovation.

“SWARMM’s music turns the listener into an intricate vortex of emotional dynamics, where he expertly maximizes the limits of contemporary electronic music and combines his fondness for visual arts with the rigor of experimental practice.” – The Forgotten

Playing on: tba

soundcloud soundcloud.com/user-859236830

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