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Ukrainian electronic virtuoso Olesia Onykiienko, aka NFNR, transcends musical boundaries from her Kyiv base. Formerly a choir conductor, she seamlessly blends her love for multi-layered polyphonic textures and industrial field recordings into groundbreaking electronic compositions.

NFNR’s sonic realm defies convention, offering techno with industrial nuances that pulsate with bold innovation, a refreshing force in the Ukrainian scene. Venturing further, her ambient and drone explorations delve into experimental soundscapes, pushing artistic boundaries. Recognized by DTF Magazine in the TOP-10 of Kyiv’s female DJs and producers, NFNR’s impact extends beyond borders.

As a Shape Platform artist, ESNS showcase participant, and featured in events like UpToDate festival and Skaņu Mežs, NFNR’s global presence is felt. Releases on labels like Corridor Audio and Mystictrax, coupled with self-releases, showcase her diverse musical palette. Currently crafting the “Fragility” EP, NFNR continues to push creative boundaries.

Beyond her musical prowess, NFNR stands resilient amid Ukraine’s challenges, actively supporting her country’s defenders through charity concerts and relief efforts. Her artistry is not just heard but also felt, echoing the spirit of an artist dedicated to both sonic innovation and the well-being of her nation.

Playing on: tba


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