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Crafting vivid, dystopian landscapes through sound synthesis and sampling, Monika Subrtova, a London-based Slovakian experimental electronic artist, draws from avant-garde and club influences. She fosters a symbiotic relationship with her machines, allowing them to shape the path and mood of her compositions. 

Her work is characterized by dilated drones, frosty sonics, and skeletal rhythms. With her ‘Omnia’ EP on Urbsounds, laid the groundwork for her LP ‘TOON’, released on Bratislava’s NEXT Festival Records. ‘TOON’ showcases six sonic essays, embodying Subrtova’s exploration of the creative process and the beauty of allowing energy to flow freely from brain to machine to audio. 

Monika’s approach, rooted in creative plasticity and presence, underscores her commitment to embracing the unpredictable outcomes of her artistic dialogue with her instruments. Her music serves as a statement of artistic vision, inviting listeners into an immersive sonic journey that blurs the boundaries between introspection and collaboration.

Playing on: tba

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