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Kristína is a versatile artist, recently achieved her doctoral degree from VŠMU, specializing in Les Six composers. She enhanced her musical expertise through master classes at TIHMS in the Netherlands. Renowned as a classical pianist, she has graced concert halls with solo performances alongside orchestras like Capella Istropolitana and Košice Philharmonic.

Her solo recitals, showcased at festivals like VIVA Musica and Piano Days, highlight her exceptional talent. In chamber music, she collaborates with Júlia Stahl Novosedlíková in the piano Devanas Duo, releasing their debut CD in 2021. As a composer, her works, including ‘Symphony of Enchanted Beings’ and ’60 Fingers,’ showcase her creative depth.

An educator at the Conservatory in Bratislava, Kristína extends her artistic range beyond classical realms. She contributes as a singer, keyboardist, and arranger in the Chick2Chick trio, engaging in theater productions and collaborative projects with bands like Genius Locci and Quatro Emocione. In Plantasia, she arranges original music by Mort Garson for four keyboard players.

Under the alias Kriss Krimm, Kristína pursues solo projects, presenting compositions like ‘A psi brešú na polich’ and recent releases ‘Purify me’ and ‘For Now,’ marking her triumphant return to the music scene.

Playing on: tba


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