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Kodiki is a young musician and visual artist on the Slovak electronic scene, presents a diverse range of music styles, from futuristic ambient to jersey club, jungle, nightcore, hyperpop, rap, trance, and footwork.

He skillfully deconstructs post-club beats with a humorous, creative, and energetic tone, resulting in surprising and powerful compositions. His music is characterized by unexpected twists, dips, and complex rhythms that keep the listener in suspense from start to finish. In addition to his music, he is dedicated to visual art, creating unique visuals that span from projections to album covers to video clips. What truly sets him apart is his ability to infuse his live shows with energy, joy, and passion that effortlessly transfers to the dance floor through his arrangements.

In August 2023, Kodiki released a new project called “600dB,” which serves as a sequel to his older EP “300dB.” “The main theme of the entire EP is a dive into the world of our inner child, celebrating innate intuition and joy. Childishness should not be seen as negative; rather, those who suppress their inner child miss out on the boundless joy of life,” Kodiki explained in an interview with Swine Daily.

Playing on: Friday, 26 April, 2024 | 365 Bank Stage | 01:20 – 02:40

web linktr.ee/kodiki
bandcamp kodiki.bandcamp.com/

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