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Sharpest tip of the alternative scene!

Kill your rap idols while resurrecting them in a remarkable live lineup that you don’t want to miss. Titled “Kill Your Rap Idols,” this performance will bring together the unmistakable Berlin Manson and their punk energy, the forthright Fvck Kvlt, the relentless Dušan Vlk, the mysterious Temný Rudo, and the captivating Paris and Arleta all on one stage. It will be wild, energetic, honest, passionate, avant-garde, and, as we believe, not easily forgettable.

“Kill Your Rap Idols” is a concert for those craving new musical experiences and are ready to discover contemporary musical talents. Let’s experience it together. Come while they’re playing and share while it’s up undeleted. 

Playing on: tba

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