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Warsaw’s unpredictable unique artist mainstay. Julian Płoski, known as Julek Ploski, is a Polish experimental electronic artist affiliated with the BAS collective. His debut album “Tesco” received praise from Polish indie music critics. Blending baroque, metal, hyperpop, and hard dance, Ploski’s music creates surreal, cinematic experiences. His latest release, “Hotel *​*​*​*​*”, features collaborations with Giant Claw, galen tipton, and Natalie Schchepanskye.

Transitioning from DJ Hero expertise, Ploski’s journey evolved with gigs, album releases, and the founding of BFF Music label. His repertoire includes “śpie” on Gin&Platonic, “Human Sapiens Ep” on Pointless Geometry, and “Julek! Julek! Julek!” on glamour.label. His third LP, “Hotel *****,” released under Orange Milk Records, marks a significant milestone.

In his whirlwind life, Ploski balances creativity with reflecting on uncertainty amidst accomplishments. Yet, amid the chaos, he embraces the rhythm of creation, evidenced by his ongoing work with Dyspensa Records and numerous upcoming projects. Ploski’s journey embodies the unpredictable spirit of Warsaw’s music scene, where Tesco aisles inspire sonic exploration, and each day brings new beats and challenges.

Playing on: tba

bandcamp julekploski.bandcamp.com

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