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Slovak r’n’b and pop singer, who aspires to create local music that transcends the confines of pop, experiment, and alternative genres, instead connecting them in a free, playful, and authentic manner. Her repertoire also includes the adaptation of traditional Roma music in order to pay homage to her roots.

Erika Rein already boasts several singles and successful collaborations with various artists, such as Dame, Yael, and 7krát3. She is also recognized for her contributions to the tribute project featuring 2000’s hits–0u0us.

Through collaboration with producer and composer Jonatan Pastirčák, she explores new territories, where pop, experiment, and alternative seamlessly coexist, reflecting an own take on trends in the global mainstream music scene. Her upcoming album aims to seamlessly bridge the boundaries of avant pop, r’n’b, and hyperpop. Jonatan, also known as Isama Zing or Pjoni, is an award-winning music producer and film composer. Their shared objective is to craft local music that is not only liberate, but also pushes the creative boundaries of the Slovak music scene.

Playing on: tba


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