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Emerging from Byron Bay, Australia, and now thriving in Berlin, The Dharma Chain embodies psychedelic exploration with a 5-piece force. Their hypnotic blend of rhythm guitars, melodic leads, hip hop-infused percussion, and industrial synthesizers captivates audiences globally.

Founded in 2020, their relocation to Berlin sparked a new creative wave, evident in their dynamic live performances where roles seamlessly shift among members, creating a captivating stage presence. Their collaborative spirit extends to vocals, creating harmonious balance and an enchanting auditory tapestry. With reverb-soaked guitars and harmonious vocals, The Dharma Chain invites listeners on a mesmerizing journey through their unique blend of shoegaze, garage, and psychedelia.

Sharing stages with renowned acts like Mildlife and Nice Biscuit, The Dharma Chain sets sights on larger audiences. Signing with Berlin’s Anomic Records marks a new chapter, leading to an eagerly awaited album in early 2024. This release encapsulates their sonic evolution, fearlessly pushing musical boundaries and reshaping the psychedelic rock experience. Brace yourself for an album, signaling The Dharma Chain’s unwavering commitment to sonic exploration and innovation.

Playing on: tba


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