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Introducing Blue Uandi, the Czech pop duo seamlessly blending songwriting, club beats, and experimental electronica. Comprising childhood friends Martin Konvička, a singer/producer/pianist, and David Machovský, a singer/producer/guitarist, their debut EP, “1000 Braids,” emerged in 2021. With rich backgrounds spanning jazz, prog-rock, and traditional composition, they craft sonic landscapes fueled by their sense of wonder, consistently reimagining the vast range of human emotion.

Blue Uandi’s music is an intriguing blend of club vibes and experimental electronica, enriched by Martin’s vocals and skilled keyboard artistry, complemented by David’s production and guitar dexterity. After their debut EP, the duo embarks on a journey of transformation, both in sound and visuals.

Their single, “How Can I Stop,” is an electrifying fusion of hyperpop and EDM, with future releases venturing into trap, experimental electronica, and reggaeton, lyrically reflecting on the struggle of overthinking and overanalyzing life’s challenges. Followed by the release of tracks OG Can Judge Me” and “Finding Lo<3,” each single in this era includes trading card artwork, reminiscent of the nostalgic joy of collecting trading cards during childhood. Relive this excitement as you explore their artistry live at SHARPE 2024!

Playing on: tba


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