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A modular band/collective bringing an audiovisual spectacle of post-genre age. In their album debut “It’s Happening” and in their work as whole, prevail topics of information overload, social alienation, meta-irony, AI, mental health and conspiracy traps of recent times.
Texts of the songs are mostly generated by the GPT-2 model and presented by the main vocalist as well as his digital clone and voice assistant Siri. Musically, the band is drifting through IDM/doom and metal/experimental rap. Visual accompaniment is an essential contribution to the XCES compositions. Visuals, light show and installations are created by the artistic duo Ausgang Tech (Alex Zelina and Radovan Dranga), a game by a Russian conceptual artist (Mikhail Maksimov – The Tool) and text2image model Stable Diffusion. This all results in a “dystopian shuffle playlist” with the hints of storytelling that extends the mirror to nowadays.

Playing on: Saturday | 00:40 – 01:20 at Club Cverna

bandcamp https://xces.bandcamp.com/

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