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Two Kamizdat artists, Miha Šajina – Shekuza and Domen Učakar – Lifecutter crossed their creative paths for the first time at a special concert for BIO26 Biennial of Design in 2019 and a year later they spent a week at an art residency in Lajerjeva hiša Kranj. They immediately clicked because of their mutual interest in artistic club music and aesthetic rhythmic excess, especially when wrapped in darkness. And that is how Warhorse came to be. Their joint project in which they united forces to face their demons and contextualize trance, in connection to the nearby presence of death. Their compositions for the album Atlatl (an ancient hunting tool used in spear-throwing) were inspired by the medieval and more recent torture devices and it seemed fitting that the aggressive side of their creativity should be explored. The cold and industrial techno, mixed with dark ambient, is the sound for the times of contemplative anger and for dancing in the darkest times of the night.

Playing on: Saturday | 22:40 – 23:20 at Suterén

web kamizdat.si/releases/warhorse-atlatl

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