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Singer-songwriter Toyota Vangelis is using his uniquely autotuned voice and seamless merging of the electronic and (simulated) acoustic sounds to dismantle the binaries of the human and the machine, whilst sculpting the Czech language into his rhythmic and melodic structures. His songs revolve around love metaphors while in fact they sneak intimacy into topics such as big data, climate crisis or alienation. His deeply personal and introspective debut album Výklopný světlomety (Pop-up Headlights in English) came out this February, featuring multiple artists, including Zevin, the Slovenian pop singer who is also playing at SHARPE 2023. You can look forward to Toyota Vangelis performing a special new set based on his debut record with a couple of guests from the record joining him on stage.

Playing on: Friday | 22:40 – 23:20 at Suterén


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