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Stéphane Clor is a musician and a visual artist from Colmar, Frence. His practice crosses the fields of sound art, cartography, photography, drawing and ecology. Stéphane creates minimalist instrumental compositions with string instruments (double bass and cello), objects and rudimentary electronic systems. His work is a perpetual round-trip between music explorations and art experiments. The artist considers space and fine elements a resonant body which he makes to vibrate with tones. Stéphane Clor invites listeners to leave their normalities for an instant, in order to interact differently with what they usually do not perceive or do not pay attention to. Hearing quivering of a dry leaf or a surface’s resonance, through which he leads listeners to experience unexpected, disturbing but yet poetic and contemplative moments.

Playing on: Friday | 22:00 – 22:40 at Underground


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