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What this world needs is a Lithuanian trio who sing in Spanish, make their own hats and insert their arms into bigger sleeves than Elvis. Thankfully, the boys of Planeta Polar provide exactly this service on a regular basis. Beautifully lacking in logic, their flamboyant costumes create an absurd contrast against their humble, home-cooked stage presence while they deliver an impossibly authentic repertoire of latin carnival songs you will assume were written somewhere near the Caribbean, not the Baltic Sea. Their stated mission is to make people shake their hips, which is a thing Lithuanians don’t normally do. “Challenge accepted” says Planeta Polar, picking up a bass guitar, some bongos and an accordion with a toy synthesizer stuck on top of it. Highlights of the show include the one about the big elephant, the one about the girl and “Puro Carnaval”, a song which is unsurprisingly about the purity of carnival. When asked why he writes in Spanish instead of Lithuanian, frontman Adomas explains: „Because I don’t know how to write songs in Lithuanian”. Let’s be fair – not many people do. Planeta Polar sounds like The Doors would have sounded if they’d taken stimulants instead of psychedelics. Maybe this explanation makes no sense to you, but remember you don’t have to understand Planeta Polar, or their lyrics, to have a great time listening to their music.

Playing on: Saturday | 21:00 – 21:40 at RÁDIO_FM stage


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