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Originally formed in 2013 as a lo-fi shoegaze project by Slovak couple Jana Drábeková Kočišová and Filip Drábek, Päfgens are slowly shifting from songwriting towards immersive soundscapes. The drone experiment started as an exercise at home and turned into a fully formed project, where guitar and bass are looped into multitude of layers and result in ethereal drones with shoegazy feel and subtle melodies. Best example is their most recent album Der Regen released by German label Econore in June 2022. 

Before their move abroad, Filip and Jana were active in the Slovak music scene for years as part of the universe surrounding the label Exitab, post-rock band The Ills and After Hours concert collective. Once they left for Warsaw and eventually Berlin, they started to create music on their own with whisperish vocals, dreamy delayed guitars, straightforward bass lines and field recordings as their identifying marks. Slowcore songs and semi-improvised drones may seem like two completely different sonic worlds, but Päfgens are merging them with ease into an atmospheric and hissy blend.

Playing on: Saturday | 20:40 – 21:20 at Underground

web https://www.pafgens.xyz/
bandcamp https://pafgens.bandcamp.com/

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