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Linda Marí Josefsen is the civilian behind Marí. The musician grew up on the island Mors in North Jutland, Denmark, where the centerpiece of Scandinavian mentality, the code of conduct ‘Law of Jante’ originates. The code’s ideology is set upon the idea of not despising anyone and calling out those who break this norm. Influence of this can be heard in her music alongside acoustic and organic folk-rock melodies. Marí delivers a collection of reflective, calm but still playful, partly gloomy and melancholic but yet edgy songs, which just feel timeless. Lyrics ponder on topics of broken heart, human vulnerability and the frailty of the mind. Critics tend to place Marí’s sound somewhere between PJ Harvey, Vashti Bunyan and Tori Amos with a bit of Linda Perhacs. Marí’s creations musically resemble Nordic landscape painting, inviting the audience for a walk through the wind-swept fjord fields, cities at the dirty night hours and gnarled forests.


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