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Krapka;KOMA is a Ukrainian multi-instrumentalist electronic girl duo. Following down the roads of indie-electronica, trip-hop and nu-jazz, Ira and Alona break new ground using a crazy amount of instruments both live and on their recordings. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has seriously impacted the lives of all Ukrainians, and Ira and Alona are among them. While fundraising money for the healthcare needs of Ukrainian defenders, Krapka;KOMA keeps performing abroad to support Ukrainian culture and the music scene as much as possible. Last autumn they went on a charity tour over Europe & the UK in support of the “Musicians Defend Ukraine” foundation. They also played at festivals ESNS, Waves Vienna, The Great Escape, Sziget and Reeperbahn.

Playing on: Saturday | 00:20 – 01:00 at Kabinet stage


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