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Versatile and honest both in his work as well as in his life. Meet the music producer Karaoke Tundra, Viktor Tverdochlibov by his real name. He is of Ukrainian origin, but has been present on the Czech and Slovak scene for many years now. Karaoke Tundra focuses mainly on DJing and creating his own beats. In his work, he is guided by a sense of genre freedom, connecting impulses from hip hop with experimental electronics. The producer released projects such as the Futurological Congress or the Duck with the head of a tiger and collaborations with artists such as Bene, Strapo, Vec and Luzer. His work is also presented outside the CZ/SK borders. So far, he performed in Poland, Austria, Germany and occasionally played in London.

Playing on: Saturday | 00:40 – 01:20 at Underground

bandcamp karaoketundra.bandcamp.com

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