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Jozef Krupa Quartet is the solo debut album of drummer Jozef Krupa. There is nothing behind the eponymous title, and certainly not the author´s ego. He invited guitarist Michal Matejka, clarinetist Braňo Dugovič, and cellist Andrej Gál to collaborate with him. The project emerged as a typical phenomenon of the pandemic period and the period of grants that helped to materialize long-term procrastination (if procrastination can be materialized). The collective of musicians plays in meditative or neurotic waters (lakes or streams), responding directly to the current state of society, the weather, or the current state of mind.

„…it is a truly unique fusion of avant-garde jazz, free improvisation, and contemporary chamber music.“ (Ján Hocek, Jazzport. 09. 2022)

Playing on: Saturday | 20:20 – 21:00 at Kabinet stage


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