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„Reminiscent of Portishead’s intensity – digital pop that stands out.“ – CLASH

„Hope are one of the best bands we’ve had the pleasure of sharing the stage with“ – ALGIERS

„The Imost promising German band right now“ – NBHAP

Marching, brute force, slavish discipline, technocracy, and techno. Quintessential German clichés. Ironically though, whenever a German band is loved abroad, it is for these traits exactly. DAF, Kraftwerk, and Rammstein are prime examples. But can there be German pop music? Imagine Portishead formed in Berlin today. The first foreigners to fall in love with this burstingly emotional monster of a band were ALGIERS and IDLES, with whom the band toured extensively. Subsequently, the press at Eurosonic Festival celebrated Hope as the new, avant-garde pop miracle. Their self-titled debut album was recorded by Olaf Opal (The Notwist) in the remains of an abandoned lung sanatorium to capture inner destruction and coldness. It has what it takes to become a timeless classic. Songs like RAW, CELL, KINGDOM and DROP YOUR KNIVES radiate more dark and dystopic energy than all seasons of Black Mirror combined. They are songs that originated in the demystified, gentrified, and art-free space known as „Berlin“. The only answer to society in its present state can be the most radical, most immediate, and most liberated art.

Playing on: Friday | 23:20 – 00:00 at Club Cverna

web https://www.thisishope.de/

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