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Charms Kids is an open, somewhat bizarre and, above all, diverse art group, whose representation of artists is dynamically growing and changing, and whose intertwined history dates back to the 90s. Musicians from different corners of the globe meet in this platform and collaboratively plays together as a way of treating depression and preventing social dementia and extinction. After restoring the ensemble and releasing the first album Jam Passion (2018), the band opened up even more and transformed into a laboratory for emerging vocalists. A fateful coincidence brought Matúš Oravec to this group at the age of 17, while his energy and radiance revived the inspiration in the band. After several joint concerts, Matúš became the main lyricist, who accompanies his intimate original songs with an unusually tuned acoustic guitar. The work and music compositions of Charms Kids are created spontaneously at joint meetings. They build on and continue in the poetics and message of the Charms Kids commune.

Singer / guitar: Matúš Oravec
Bass guitar: Rodion Sun Lion
Keyboards / beats: Lukáš Cintula
Guitar: Robo Blaško

Playing on: Saturday | 21:20 – 22:00 at Park de Palma


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