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Buy Her Sugar was originally a trio (Anna Óváry, Martin Polák, Tibor Feledi), which was producing compositions by combining decisive electronics and dreamy melodies. BHS debuted on the scene in 2015 with the single Waiting. A few weeks after its release, it appeared in daily radio rotation and was ranked among the top 30 songs in the world by the music portal beehype. Consequently, more singles and an album were added to the discography. They ended their active performing in 2017. However, the group made a comeback in 2021 and today performs as a pair of Anna Óváry and Martin Polák. They released the single Ticking, which sounds more energetic and confident than anything in the BHS former repertoire. The level of bravery of the duo is gratifying and is especially noticeable in live concerts. As before, the authorship and production is the credit of the band now.

Playing on: Saturday | 21:40 – 22:20 at Kabinet stage


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