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Bratislava based band, that is prooving the possibility of creating tracks, that are free in terms of genre, production, attitude and are free from trying to exactly fit into a predetermined image. Berlin Manson sing/rap about Depeche Mode, spaceships and soundcloud trends in comapnion of melancholic synths. This all may seem as an interesting gimmick, but their sound and standpoint is far from being just a stunt. The band successfully balances on the edge of analog and digital and is bringing an update to the post-synth punk sound. They comment on the current scene happenings with an ironic grin, but still remain a fresh & sharp part of it. After their first hit single “Počítať po nemecky je ľahšie ako rátať” they released first EP “Život končí keď máš trinásť” containing even bigger banger “Netancujem, kývem hlavou”. They were awarded “Discovery of the Year” Radio Head Awards in 2022.

Playing on: Friday | 00:40 – 01:20 at Club Cverna


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