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An immersing artist of mixed cultural origin, singing both in French as well as in Creole, constantly willing to learn, listen, ask and broaden his horizons. Previously, Ariel was a guitarist and keyboard player in Pendant, while also working with Cliché. Afterwards, he decided to get back to basics and seek the essential, which for him is one’s innermost identity. Ariel stepped more towards revealing himself and has gotten on a journey of creating music imprinted by his travels and people he has been meeting on the way as he goes. His music can be described as incandescent, soaring, poetic and passionate. Elegant plural pop, which navigates between acoustics and electronics compositions. Topics of denunciation of racism, the lies of the past, and above all the stories of friends, who allow you to find yourself.

Playing on: Saturday | 20:00 – 20:40 at Park de Palma


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