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Alapastel is a project of the Slovak musician and composer Lukáš Bulko. In 2018, his debut album ‘Hidden for the Eyes’ was released under the UK label Slowcraft Records, being heartily received by listeners and music journalists. Three years later a second album ‘Ceremony’ was released, this time under the Lost Tribe Sound label, USA. The album was listed as the #3 favorite ambient album of 2021 by Low Light Mixes.

Alapastel combines ambient and classical music sounds with electronics, all together crafting impressive collages of neo-classical and experimental compositions. Some tracks contain extracts from Richard Grossman´s music based on traditional Amazonian shamanism. Due to this, Lukáš’s music smoothly transitions into this “healing ritual” of a sound ceremony, that is accompanied by Ján Kružliak jr., a violinist capable of improvising in various music styles. Live performances are accentuated by shamanistic part, containing of visual art and dance performed by Kristína Kluvánek.

Playing on: Friday | 20:20 – 21:00 at Kabinet stage


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