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52 Hertz Whale is a Bratislava-based band whose music is ferocious and melancholic, cracked with vigour and impatience. With three releases under their belt the band has toured all over Europe and has gained a fervent underground following, thanks to their cathartic gigs, including performances at Pohoda, Colours of Ostrava, Liverpool Sound City, MENT Ljubljana and many others. Their new record “Present Sense Impression” released in autumn 2022 clearly reveals the unique dynamics of 52 Hertz Whale’s creative process. The songs flow through a dramatic arch, starting with soft sketches of melodies and ending with loud catharsis. Their live performances create an even stronger experience and leave no one untouched.

Playing on: Friday | 21:20 – 22:00 at Park de Palma

web https://52hertzwhaleband.com/
bandcamp https://52hertzwhale.bandcamp.com/

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