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21st April 2023 FRIDAY

11:00 – 16:00 @ Library

Soldering Workshop: Bastl Instruments — The Kastle 1.5 Synthesizer Kit 

*A ticket for this workshop is required.

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Lecturer: Hana LukaščíkováTomáš Niesner (Bastl Instruments, CZ)

Ever wanted to build your own synthesizer? We can fulfill your dreams already on Friday and offer you an opportunity to make one of your very own Bastl Instruments Kastle 1.5.

Bastl Instruments is a synth maker based in Brno (CZ). Bastl have been helping makers develop communities around electronic sound and music since 2013. The workshop will last around 5-6 hours. This very special workshop has a limited capacity so be quick!

The Bastl Kastle is a mini modular synthesizer you can play anywhere. It’s powered by just 3 AA batteries or a regular micro USB charger, and it offers a headphone output and 2 in/out ports for interfacing other gear, be it a keyboard, a groove box, or a Eurorack synth. The Kastle 1.5 has a unique digital lo-fi sound, and it can be melodic, rhythmic, as well as very noisy and droning, soft or harsh. It was designed to be fun on its own, but it thrives the most in an ecosystem of other modular gear.

The device is DIY-friendly and ideal for beginners in synthesis, but it will also add unique functionality to any full-sized modular synthesizer system. It delivers the fun of modular at a low cost, and it fits into your pocket so you can play it anywhere.

22nd April 2023 SATURDAY

12:00 – 14:00 @ Radio_FM Stage

Workshop: Everything You Wanted To Know About Artist Management with Lydia Kirschstein

*For registered only, please sign up here

Lecturer: Lydia Kirschstein (Trinifold Management, UK)

This workshop is an introduction to artist management and will give an overview of the why, what, and how of artist managers. Artist managers are an artists closest ally and guide every aspect of their clients careers advising them on business decisions, seeking out opportunities, and representing their interests within the industry. We will not only discuss the diverse roles and scope of duties of an artist manager but also give practical advice.

15:00 – 17:00 @ Radio_FM Stage

Workshop: How to Stay Fired Up and Not Burn Out

*For registered only, please sign up here

Lecturer: Matúš Bakyta (psychologist, SK)

Working in the music business might be quite challenging, but we love what we do, don’t we? And this love may sometimes overshadow the first signals that there is something not ok going on. Burnout syndrome is an increasingly frequent phenomenon among artists, in corporations and households worldwide. What exactly is it? How can we recognize the symptoms? What are the causes and how can it be prevented? If you would like to learn how to keep your mind and heart healthy and well, come to the workshop led by Matúš Bakyta, psychologist who has a personal experience with burnout and its therapy.

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