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Siamese Elephants start cooking up their own brew. Seasoned with reminiscences of garage rock, funk, disco and the best moments of British band greats of the 2000s, the four Viennese musicians make guitar music without the frills – but with a ton of authenticity and an appetite for the unconventional.This thinking and doing has meanwhile brought the four guys not only domestic successes, but also international radio chart placements and concerts from Paris to the renowned Reeperbahnfestival in Hamburg.The over a million times streamed single “Dancing in the City” from their EP “About Astronauts”(2019) made ears prick up as the band shared their debut album with the world. “What Happened At The Social Club?”(2021) is a not entirely unironicexamination of the status quo, in which a generation is stuck between Instagram and optimisation mania. Here Siamese Elephants make their own sound consistent and adventurous in equal doses, playfully marrying the past with a sceptical eye to the Future.

Playing on: Saturday | 18:40 – 19:20 at Park de Palma


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