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Slovak musicians primary known in their own spheres. Both have presented their solo projects at the Sharpe festival in the past. As well as within Sofar Sounds in the Cabinet of Slowness, but they never planned a joint project. Their first connection was their love of food, however mutual understanding and long conversations subsequently led to the decision to play together. They were surprised by the well-functioning chemistry and consequently performed two concerts in Slovakia and Sicily. Stroon & Ondrej Zajac work without an exaggerated need to push themselves to the forefront, without trying to produce an album immediately, without the urge to go on tour immediately. They flow freely through time, just like their minimalistic, even contemplative, music that effortlessly mixes honest craft with magnificent emotion. Stroon & Ondrej Zajac are among the reasons why the expression “a hidden gem” exists.

Playing on: Saturday | 23:20 – 00:00 at Underground

web ondrejzajac.com stroonmusic.net
bandcamp ondrejzajac.bandcamp stroon.bandcamp.com

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