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Blame Your Genes is one of the most respected electronic producers of the Slovak scene. In his music, he combines a lively house sound, with occasional breakbeat passages and analog synth surfaces. Inspiration for his work is mainly drawn from the early works of electronic projects from the 90’s such as Chemical Brothers, Underworld, Leftfield, Orbital and others. He surprised the domestic scene with the diversity and maturity of his 5-track debut EP “Liquid White“, which earned him a shortlist on Radio_Head Awards in the Discovery of the Year category. Due to the collaboration with a known Slovak producer Whithe, he got also into harder techno waters on the tracks “Jox” and “Nowhere 2 Go”. Other collabs to be mentioned are remixes for Vec and Autumnist. His latest EP “Skins”, which was released both as digital & vinyl in the fall of 2022, earned him the Radio Head Award for Electronic record of the year 2022.

Playing on: Thursday | 23:20 – 00:20 at Club Cverna



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