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Manon Meurt, a Czech quartet from Rakovník, comprises Kateřina Elznicová (vocals, guitar, bass), Jiří Bendl (drums), David Tichý (bass synths, synths, and piano), and Kryštof Korčák (guitar, vocals). Their music features soft vocals, hypnotic bass lines, evolving drums, and reverbed guitars.

Their self-titled 12″ EP, initially released in 2014 and re-released by Canadian Label Obscura, garnered attention for its ethereal vocals and wonderful instrumentation. In 2018, their debut studio album MMXVIII, produced by Jan P. Muchow, earned critical acclaim for its musical maturity and dynamic shifts.

The band collaborated with British producer Eddie Stevens for their upcoming album, releasing the single “Mirrors” via Minority Records in November 2023, with the full album set for April 2024.

Manon Meurt has performed at major festivals across the Czech Republic and Slovakia, as well as internationally. They’ve also appeared at showcase festivals and toured extensively throughout Europe, captivating audiences with their mesmerizing performances.

“Their mix of shoe-gaze rock with catchy melodies is true ear candy, and their natural stage presence makes us think that this young band is in for a great future in music.”
– Eurosonic Noorderslag

Playing on: tba


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