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In a music world saturated with proneness to conformity, Los Sara Fontan stand out with their unconventional approach of bucking trends and eschewing album recordings right away. During their beginning, they rather decided to deliver electrifying live only performances across Europe.

The experimental duo, featuring a violin, keyboard, and drum kit, delivers an unique proposal, which extends beyond rock venues to the world of performing arts, earning accolades and collaborations. Despite the initial decision not to record, “Queda pendiente,” released in 2022, captures their current essence – a live, contemporary, dynamic masterpiece. Expansive, forceful, and danceable, the album reflects their sonic freedom and belief in the power of music. Recorded live and mixed by Santi García, it strengthens their already wild live shows, turning each performance into an unrepeatable liturgy. Each listening unveils its expansiveness, forcefulness, and danceability, affirming the power of instrumental music.

Los Sara Fontan’s ability to shape polyrhythms, silences, and sound pressure during live celebrations leaves audiences captivated and eagerly anticipating what the duo will do next. “Queda pendiente” is not just an album; it’s a testament to their journey, pushing boundaries, surprising listeners, and reinforcing the magic of live musical expression.

Playing on: tba

web sarafontan.com

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