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Ružica Petrova
(MENT Ljubljana, SI)

As of 2023, Ružica has been working as a production assistant at MENT Ljubljana. She is a music journalist and a member of the music department of Radio Študent Ljubljana, one of the oldest non-commercial radio stations in Europe. As part of the radio she is the co-author and co-host of Hiljadu Decibela, a semi-monthly radio show that covers new music releases, artists and alternative scenes from the former Yugoslav countries. She is also an active host of DJ Seansa, a weekly show that through exclusive DJ sets and interviews promotes both upcoming and well established artists from Slovenia and different parts of the world. 

In the past three years she was part of the organization team of TRESK, an annual music festival organized by Radio Študent, which brings together local, regional and European independent labels, distributors and artists. 

She is one half of the turbocharged DJ duo The BPM Police and recently started DJing solo as Sahara Transport Services.

Speaking in:
SAT | 11:00-12:00 | Forever Young

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