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Martin Smrek
(Vegánske hody, SK)

In 2009 Martin Smrek founded a vegan food festival Vegánske hody, which later became one of the biggest food festivals in Slovakia and one of the biggest vegan food festivals in the CEE region. At its peak in 2019 the festival took place in 5 different cities and attracted a total of over 35 000 visitors in one year.

Currently, Martin works as executive director of Humánny pokrok – a prominent farmed animal advocacy group that developed from this vegan food festival and which has secured multiple victories for animals in Slovakia and beyond, including the ban on fur farming, and corporate commitments to stop using eggs from caged hens and selling live fish.

Speaking in:
SAT | 12:00-13:00 | Exploring Vegetarian Gastronomy at Music Festivals

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