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Márk Bóna
(Sziget Festival, HU)

Márk Bóna is a Budapest based freelance event manager and booker. He started to work at Sziget in 2004 and still works for Sziget Festival as a booker. He is in charge of the booking of smaller live music venues at the festival. He is also part of the production team of Sziget and Balaton Sound festivals and he is in charge of the production advancing of the music program of these events. 

Márk worked for clubs like Kultiplex, Zöld Pardon and Barba Negra as a booker and he was senior event manager at Roxer event agency. 

Beside festivals and clubs Márk is involved in workshops and training for music managers and he has a course about festival organising at the MHRS which is a very popular school for music managers.

Speaking in:
SAT | 11:00-12:00 | Forever Young
SAT | 15:00-16:00 | Account Balance vs. Lineup Balance

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