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Filip Jančík
(artist, SK)

Filip Jančík is a Slovakian modern violinist and visionary in the entertainment business. He also actively engages in marketing within the cultural sphere and the creation of creative concepts. Over the past years, he has brought to the market unique projects that continue to resonate with society.

With his modern show, he currently ranks among the best-selling artists in Slovakia, but he also boasts performances in prestigious venues such as the Danish and Belgian state radio halls, Czech Rudolfinum, multiple performances at the Kuwait National Theater, and in the Emirates.

One of the projects he is most proud of is the huge show on the Danube River with 10,000 spectators on the quay, which took place from an 80-meter-long pontoon located directly in the middle of the river.

Among other collaborations, he has also worked with singer Avril Lavigne, with whom he performed at the Special Olympics in Los Angeles. He also enjoys tremendous popularity in China with over 500,000 fans. Fans adore him for his spontaneity and compassion.

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