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Ana Marjanidze
(Bassiani Representative on Safe Space and Equality matters, GE)

Ana Marjanidze, a.k.a. 3AM, is a feminist DJ and activist who has been part of the various projects initiated and supported by the Creative Collective Spectrum – a union of artists, researchers and publicists who study, analyze and elaborate the currents of Queer sexuality, emotions, politics and social life. She is also passionately dedicated to ensure equitable representation of female and queer artists in the electronic music scene, being co-founder of FLINTA* party series under the movement TRANSFORMA, taking place at Bassiani. Recently Ana became a representative of Bassiani in the “Support the Sound” initiative, launched in collaboration with the Aslice platform that was founded by Zak Khutoretsky, a.k.a DVS1. 

Speaking in:
SAT | 14:00-15:00 | The Freedom Panel 2.0
SAT | 16:00-17:00 | Safe Space: A Pathway to Inclusivity

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